Online Cap Table Management
Managing your equity just got easier

Do away with spreadsheets and paper certificates
Capshare has redefined the standard for equity management

Electronic Certificates

Paper certificates are a thing of the past. Capshare is your electronic stock register in the cloud that tracks every transaction.

Spreadsheet Interface

Capshare combines the feel and functionality of a spreadsheet with the power of a web application.

Workflow Automation

Use Capshare to issue shares, generate and circulate legal documents for signatures, then store them to a central location.

Capshare is designed for all users of equity information
Get the right info in the right format to those who need it


Trying to raise a new round of financing? Preparing for a sale or acquisition? Capshare gives you the tools to quickly model the implications of changes in your company's capitalization. Get the up-to-date info you need to make decisions and negotiate effectively.


Whether your company has 1,000 shareholders or 2 shareholders, Capshare is the smartest way to manage equity information. No more messy spreadsheets. No more arduous updates and manual calculations. Capshare does all the work and instantly provides access to key information without the busy work.


Before Capshare, the average shareholder of private stock was in the dark. But now you can have access to your agreements, see your vested and cancelled shares, and sign documents electronically. All your info is stored securely in the cloud so you can access it anytime, anywhere.


Collaborate with your portfolio companies in the cloud to get access to the most up-to-date information without having to heckle the executives. Use that info, along with Capshare's tools, to run waterfalls and model potential returns for current and prospective investments.


As the ultimate arbiters of equity ownership and distribution, lawyers must track and document every change to the cap table. Capshare can track every certificate and every transaction, so keeping clients' info up to date is easy. And everything is managed on Capshare's collaborative, web-based interface.


Capshare has the simplest and most powerful FAS 123R (ASC 718) tool on the market. Let the software do all the work or export the needed option and vesting information to quickly develop the appropriate journal entries and disclosures.

Capshare makes your life easier
Issue and track options, comply with tax laws, and share your cap table with ease

As we were evaluating possible exit opportunities, Capshare was the simplest, quickest way to see how each unique outcome would impact each individual shareholder. I credit Capshare for saving me time so that I could focus on more important matters while we finalized our acquisition.

Zach Mangum, CEO at Grosocial

We needed a user-friendly tool allowing us to track closed transactions and model potential financings on behalf of our clients and share the information with our clients' executives and other service providers. After an extensive search for the best resource, we settled on Capshare and have been pleased with our decision.

Dave Gillespie, Partner at Kooperman Gillespie, Ltd.

As an early-stage company, we've found Capshare to be a very easy way to get a handle on our growing cap table. The ease of use is high and the learning curve low.

Kent Cavender-Bares, CEO at Rowbot

Capshare turned out to be the perfect solution for managing our cap table, and I was stunned at the level of service they provided. I really like the Capshare product. It is intuitive and flexible.

Jeff Scheeler, CFO at LendKey Technologies, Inc.

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