Finally, An affordable, Fully Automated 409a
With Capshare, you can create a professional-quality 409A report in minutes

Step-by-Step Wizard

Our automated 409A wizard guides you step-by-step through the process. While you can finish in minutes, you will also have ample opportunity to review and modify key assumptions. The wizard simplifies complicated analyses so that you can make rapid but informed decisions. We like to think of it as the "automated tax return" software of the valuation world.

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Standard and Defensible Approach

Capshare prides itself on the defensibility of its approach. Capshare was developed by the folks at Scalar Analytics, who have performed over 1,000 409A valuations. Capshare uses each of the traditional valuation approaches--Cost, Market, and Income--to help you to intelligently select the right approach for your company. All you have to do is provide Capshare with some high-level cap table and financial information and it does the rest. Users with more valuation expertise will appreciate the advanced features that allow you to control and customize your assumptions.

Professional Review and Defensability Score

Each valuation includes a 20-minute defensibility review and score. The software automatically helps you to avoid potentially costly mistakes but we don't stop there. You will have access to a 409A valuation expert who will review your work and help you to make informed and intelligent decisions about your assumptions.

Board-Ready Valuation Report

When you have finished making all the edits you need, Capshare will automatically create a formal 409A valuation report that is ready for your board, your general counsel, your auditors and will provide backup and justification if you should be audited.

Professional-Grade Valuation Tools

Just because its automated, doesn't mean its not powerful. Inside you will find a full-featured comps tool for identifying and selecting public and M&A comparables. Capshare gives you access to the latest tools for calculating the right Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) and all of the GAAP-approved equity allocation approaches. Capshare uses the most cutting-edge valuation tools available and we are constantly updating the software to adapt it to increasingly stringent auditor requirements.

Need an Update? No Problem

When you are ready for your next 409A, you can load a pre-populated valuation template at the click of a button. Capshare can eliminate the time-consuming process of gathering historical information and allow you to simply focus on the few things that have changed since your last valuation.

Access Capshare's Full Suite of Tools

Capshare is much more than a 409A valuation tool, it is the world's most advanced cap table and equity management system. By performing your 409A with us, you will automatically have access to Capshare's other features. Capshare can manage your entire stock option program, perform your stock option expensing (ASC 815 / FAS 123R), automate unlimited waterfall and exit scenarios, model new equity rounds, and allow you to move seamlessly back and forth between Excel.

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