The Definitive Founder’s Guide to Equity.

Making smart decisions around fund raising, hiring and equity is one of the least understood and most important (and challenging) skills.

If you’re looking for a rock star team, strong investor partners, and a big payday, then making smart equity decisions is a must.

Equity Management Today: How the Game Has Evolved

There was a time when you had to spend enormous amounts of money hiring lawyers, accountants, and other experts just to create your cap table and analyze potential funding rounds. Imagine having a crystal ball that could look straight past cryptic term sheets and documents and tell you exactly how much money you and your employees will end up with. Make no mistake: There is no replacement for qualified, professional advice. But the balance of information, insight, and power has moved in your direction. You, as a founder, have tremendous resources and tools. That make it possible to raise smarter money, hire better employees, and turn your startup and your equity into something great.


Because software now turns previously complicated information into actionable insights. When you  have a clear and complete picture, the rewards are huge:

  • a greater perspective around hiring,
  • increased power during fundraising,
  • greater peace of mind surrounding corporate and individual tax planning,
  • and higher returns upon an exit event.


Equity Fundamentals

If you’re new to cap table and funding – or looking to brush up on the basics – these resources will help you get your startup off on the right foot.  You’ll learn how to build a cap table from the ground up and set the foundation for your company’s success.


Finding Investors

You’ll learn the essentials of how to find Angels and VC’s, how to make the initial connection, and how to maintain the relationship.


Meeting With and Pitching Investors

So you got the meeting. Now what? Understand exactly how to navigate meetings, capture investors’ attention, and identify the hidden “landmines” you’ll want to avoid.


Term Sheets

Learn everything you need to know about term sheets and negotiating deals with VC’s. Do you know which areas you can negotiate on and which ones are just time wasters? With this knowledge you’ll look smarter and also speed up negotiations in your benefit.


Manage Investor Relations


Forms and Documents


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