I’m excited to introduce you to Brad Rees, who was just brought onboard as the director of finance over at Grow, which is a business intelligence platform.

In this interview Brad gives us a fantastic blueprint of what a new finance exec can and should be able to accomplish in their first few months.


Some of the highlights include:

We’ll discuss how Brad built and implemented formal processes and how he prioritized them.

How he tackled budget, forecast and controls to take into account every single employee, their pay, commissions and unique benefits.

You’ll learn how he was able to bring in more cash by reducing their outstanding AR balance by 84% as well as a new process that eliminated almost all the time that was previously being spent on commission reconciliation with their sales team.

And, we’ll discuss why and how they were able to expand their physical presence internationally with an office in the U.K.. Brad will share with you the model that was used to make that decision and how he tested it first, and all the obstacles they had to navigate to get there.

And all of that, by the way, was accomplished in his first 4 months or so at Grow. Just amazing.