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$100,000 ISO Limit

Keeping track of $100k ISO limits for dozens or even hundreds of shareholders is no problem in Capshare. We automatically check compliance for every shareholder on the cap table and let you know if the limit has been exceeded.

409a Price History For ASC 718

Record the common share price for all your 409a valuations to keep track of the stock price over time. This information is used in the ASC 718 tool to generate your stock expense report.

ASC 718 Reporting Software

We've built ASC 718 reporting software right into Capshare. So not only is all your data stored and nicely organized, but it's instantly available for stock expense calculations without any exporting or extra work.

Adjustable Days in a Year

You can set the number of days in a year for calculation purposes throughout the cap table.

Adjustable Rounding Policies

Set the rounding policy for your cap table specified in your legal docs - round up, round down, or use fractional shares.

Audit Log

Capshare's audit log tracks every change to the cap table. This allows you to see who changed what and when, so everything can be traced and audited.

Automatic Vesting Calculation

We automatically calculate vesting as time passes. No more updating complicated spreadsheets to reflect the current date. With Capshare, your data is always up-to-date.

Breakpoint Calculations

We automatically build out an analysis that shows how every security on the cap table behaves. See graphically or tabularly when Series A gets their preference, when common starts to participate, and when options get to exercise.

Cap Table Versions

Create multiple versions of a cap table. Use one or two to compare different terms for your next financing round, use another to model an exit in three years, and another to keep a snapshot of your cap table at a given point in time. Create as many versions as you want.

Compliance Auditor

The compliance auditor checks your cap table for compliance issues. It checks for things like ISO $100,000 limits and rule 701, among other things. New modules are continually being added to improve compliance.

Convertible Securities

Capshare makes it easy to keep track of all your convertible securities and their interest accruals. You specify all the details - interest rate, compounding type, warrant coverage, conversion discount, etc. When the next round occurs, you can easily convert the notes to equity along with the new raise.

Custom Cap Table Date

If you set a custom date on a cap table, Capshare calculates vesting, dividends, interest accruals, etc. up until that date. You can then run waterfall analyses and view vested share counts throughout the cap table.

Custom Expiration Policies

Define the expiration policies for unexercised shares on your cap table. Expire shares immediately upon termination for cause, 90 days upon termination without cause, 365 days after death or disability, etc. You can change all these settings to match your company's policies.

Customizable Time-based Vesting

Capshare allows you to create custom time-based vesting schedules. Virtually anything is possible - daily, monthly, yearly, or any combination of those. The software is flexible enough to model all the most common vesting schedules, and then some.

Dividend Calculations

We'll automatically calculate accrued dividends on preferred stock as time passes. You can also specify the number of days in a year to be used in the calculation.

Document Management

All your legal documents can be uploaded and stored on Capshare. From certificates of incorporation to stock purchase agreements, we've made it easy to organize and store documents for your cap table.

Electronic Certificates

Paper certificates are a thing of the past. Capshare makes it easy to issue electronic certificates that are signed and stored in the cloud.

Excel Export

You can export your cap table to Excel any time, so your data is never "stuck" in the cloud. Use it to build custom models and reports, or give us a call, and we'll do it for you.

Goal Seek Analysis

Want to know how much the company needs to sell for in order for you to get a 3x return? Or for you to receive $500k in proceeds? Capshare can run goal seek analysis to give you the answer.

ISO and NSO tracking

In addition to automatically checking for ISO limits, Capshare lets you label each grant as either ISO or NSO.

Legal Document Automation

Our templating engine gives you a robust tool for creating and automating legal docs. Upload your company's documents (or use the templates we've provided) to generate pre-populated documents with all a shareholder's info and grant amounts, send them out for electronic signature, and automatically store finalized PDFs on the shareholder's Capshare account.

Managed User Access

Share your cap table with investors, lawyers, accountants, shareholders, etc. You can specify access rights for every person you invite and remove them any time. There's no charge for this feature, so invite as many people as you want for free.

Preferred Stock Terms

Keep track of all the terms on your preferred stock - liquidation preferences, participation rights, dividends, etc. Capshare factors in all the preferred terms for waterfall / distribution analysis, so you get accurate scenario outcomes.

Secondary Transactions

Capshare allows you to track every type of stock transaction: exercises, early exercises, cancellations, forfeitures, sales, transfers, repurchases, conversions, and repayments. All dates and amounts of every transaction can be recorded and summed to see the current state of any issuance.

Shareholder Access

You can limit shareholder access so they can only see their personal holdings. They'll be able to see what they've vested, exercised, and so forth, but they can't see their holdings relative to the cap table.

Spreadsheet Uploader

We've built a spreadsheet interface that allows you to copy and paste data directly from Excel. This drastically simplifies your initial upload and makes it super easy to record large groups of transactions.

Stock Splits

You can record stock splits on your cap table, and we'll automatically calculate the effect on every certificate.

Track Performance-Based Vesting

In addition to time-based vesting, you can create performance / milestone based vesting on Capshare. Define a custom event or series of events along with the percentage that vests upon completion of those events. When you mark those events as complete, the vesting will occur automatically.

Valuation Functionality

We've partnered with many of the nation's leading valuation firms to provide a valuation software built right on top of Capshare. This makes it easier to get a valuation done by minimizing document requests and exchange of complicated spreadsheets.


All types of warrants are supported on the software: warrants on common, warrants on preferred, warrants associated with a convertible note, etc.

Waterfall Analysis

We've built a robust waterfall / distribution analysis tool that allows you to model the distribution of equity proceeds throughout the cap table for any exit value by certificate, shareholder, and security. You can specify all the terms of your preferred stock, and those will be accounted for in the calculation.

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